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Brouilly Amethyste

Powerful and balanced

Reds: The steep slopes and small hillsides planted with the Gamay grape vines are revealed in treasures by the winemakers. Fruity generous : The wine is harmonious expressing the spirit of the place and the unique character of the winemaker, notes of spices and black fruits Summer and Winter wines, pleasant to drink all year round Wines for aging, these are elegant wines with very fine tannins, he can be kept and aged for ten years or more.

Brouilly Amethyste


Amethyst is located on the southern slope of the Saburins hill in the village of Quincie, one of the 6 villages of the Brouilly Appellation. There is a layer of amethyst crystal underground giving to the wine each year a unique tipicity. 

Amethyst wine is aged for one year in neutral oak barrels from Burgundy

Food Pairings

Powerful and balanced, Amethyst is perfect with duck confit, lamb leg, grilled meat or pork chops.

Retail price

14,50 €

Potential for aging.

15 Years.

Optimum moment for tasting.

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Brouilly Amethyste

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